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What is easyconsult?

easyconsult is an innovative consultant training program developed by a team of world class professionals specifically for business consultants, independent contractors and professional service providers.

The easyconsult portal is an extensive knowledge hub of training videos, editable tools and templates, live and pre-recorded webinars, a forum, articles, blogs and links. Members navigate through online modules that are crucial for a business consultant in achieving success.

easyconsult is your personal business coach, helping you to build your knowledge and expertise in the non-technical areas of being a great business consultant.

Is easyconsult right for me?

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Whether you go out on your own or work in a small or large consulting practice or professional services firm, consulting is a rewarding but challenging career. Working as a business consultant can also be very overwhelming, as the skills required to build a successful consulting practice usually take years to develop.

It is difficult to know how to implement the key systems, processes and practices that you need to build a practice that is sustainable and does not have unnecessary dependency on key personnel or the owner. easyconsult removes these challenges. We provide all of the knowledge, tools, templates and support you need to build the foundations of your business so that you can focus on delivering great outcomes for your clients.

As an easyconsult member you will get access to our world class consultant, business coach solution. Our consultant training is provided by consultants who are experts on all areas of becoming a great business consultant, as they have built their own multi-million consulting practice, BRS. We offer assistance throughout Australia, so whether you’re a small business consultant based in Wollongong, require consultant training in Melbourne or wish to become one of the leading business consultants in Sydney, we can coach and assist you.

The easyconsult consultant training program builds your skills in the following areas including;

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning & 90 Day Plans
  • Time Management
  • Finance & Systems
  • Virtual Assistants & Outsourcing
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration & Partnering
  • Leadership & Culture
  • People & Team Management
  • Commercial Acumen
  • Marketing & Brand
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Meeting Management
  • Risk & Opportunity Management
  • Recruitment
  • Workshop Facilitation & Events

Member Benefits

As a member who joins our consultant training program, you will receive:

  • Member Benefits

  • Hundreds of editable templates and tools from our extensive easyconsult library to accompany the program modules

  • Templates of the standard forms, policies and procedures that are the foundation for building a successful consulting practice

  • 'How to' consultant training videos to accompany each of the tools and templates so you know how to use them

  • Weekly Monday Morning Motivator videos, filled with tips and ideas to stimulate your thinking and take you on a journey through the program

  • Weekly blog posts

  • Monthly live webinars from expert business coaches with world class consulting experience

  • An exclusive interactive forum to interact with other easyconsult members and the easyconsult team

  • Monthly Newsletters

In addition to these benefits, every easyconsult member has access to affordable rates on face-to-face coaching or team workshops with our expert facilitators to allow you to further leverage the content, knowledge and expertise provided within the program.

What are the benefits for your consulting organisation/professional services firm?

easyconsult delivers a strong return on investment for your consulting organisation/professional services firm, including;


  • Upward trend in employee engagement
  • Build personal resilience and maintain motivation
  • Improved conflict resolution and assertiveness skills

  • Leadership
  • More decisive leadership in delivering outcomes
  • Developed skills in management team to coach others towards high performance
  • Significant improvement in the constructive styles of your leaders

  • Productivity
  • Improved utilisation of contractors, virtual assistants and outsourcing arrangements
  • Reduced sick leave due to greater staff engagement
  • Increased productivity of your business consultants through education in the non-technical areas of consulting

  • Clients
  • Increased client engagement through better delivery of work
  • Improvement in repeat work and referral opportunities through stronger relationships
  • Greater understanding of your clients business models

  • Financial
  • Cost savings through utilisation of virtual assistants and other outsourcing arrangements
  • Improved financial outcomes through increased personal and team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Better management of risks and opportunities
  • Educate your team to think like business owners

  • Delivery of Strategy and Business Plans
  • Achievement of key result areas and positive outcomes for your organisation
  • Increased ability to deliver on budget and business plan targets
  • A focused approach towards continuous improvement across all services


Prices for 12 month easyconsult membership:

  • Individual - $1,875* per annum
  • Individual manager with team in consulting firm - price provided on a case by case basis depending on the size of the team - contact us
  • Consulting/professional services firm:
    -   Under 5 employees - $5,000* per annum
    -   6 - 20 employees - $10,000* per annum
    -   21 - 50 employees - $15,000* per annum
    -   Over 50 employees - $20,000* per annum
  • Large national/multinational firms – price provided on case by case basis

  • *All prices are GST exclusive

Who will get the most out of the easyconsult coaching program?

  • Technical experts who want to become great consultants, whether you’re a business consultant starting your own practice or a consultant within an organisation
  • Organisations who wish to ensure their consultants at all levels master the non-technical areas of consulting
  • Graduates who want to learn how to fast track their learning in consulting practices with an experienced business coach
  • Experienced individuals who join consulting organisations and want to fast track their knowledge with in-depth consultant training
  • Executives and managers who consult internally within large organisations and need to possess the necessary skills to partner, collaborate and influence others
  • Managers and executives who want to take the plunge and become a business consultant, a business coach or start their own consulting practices
  • Small business consultants who have had their own practice and are not achieving the results they wish to see
  • Consultants who want to reduce the dependency of their practice on themselves or other key personnel
  • Any business consultant wanting to step up and improve their skills

How is easyconsult different from other coaching programs?

  • Our entire program is focused on building great business consultants
  • We have worked in international, national and local professional services organisations across a variety of industries, ensuring our consultant training program is relevant for consulting practices at all levels
  • We have built our own practice from scratch so we understand the challenges and what works
  • We run a very successful award winning consulting practice, BRS – the essential learnings and improvements we have made will be incorporated into this coaching program
  • We have access to world class experts
  • We give members the opportunity to collaborate and learn online as well as face to face in workshops with other individuals experiencing the same challenges
  • We consult to some of the most high profile corporate organisations and projects across Australasia
  • Given our significant knowledge gained over many years across many industries, we know what a world class consultant is and what it takes to be one

We know that the value you will receive from our program will deliver multiple times the investment you make in yourself in becoming a great business consultant.

Through the easyconsult consultant training program, we are essentially giving you the roadmap and keys to our success with developing great consultants through BRS. To learn more about BRS and the types of clients we have worked with visit:

Want to learn more?

If you are a business consultant who wants to have more meaning, more money, more time and more freedom, or a professional services firm that wishes to improve on performance – then we invite you to join our coaching program. As your personal business coach, you will learn from world class consultants and receive training videos, tools, templates and more to assist you in becoming a great consultant.

Trial easyconsult today or contact us if you’d like to get in touch with our team.

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